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Matthew Lazenby

Piano Teacher, Organist, Accompanist

Matthew Lazenby is a pianist, organist and chorister who puts his skills to use as a piano teacher, accompanist, organist and choir trainer in Leeds and York.

Piano Teacher

My association with the piano began at the age of seven when I started having piano lessons. This began a lifelong love for music generally and the piano in particular.

I later studied music at the University of Leeds and graduated with a BA in Music. Now I strive to communicate the pleasure of learning music in my role as an experienced piano teacher in Leeds and surrounding area.

Church Organist

Having become proficient in playing the piano during my teenage years, I turned my attention to the organ in 2005 and subsequently took on the role of organist at his local church.

In 2011 I gained the Archbishop's Certificate in Church Music (ACertCM), awarded by the distinguished Guild of Church Musicians whose patrons are the Archbishop of Canterbury and the Archbishop of Westminster.

I am currently the Organist at St Martin's Church in Leeds and assistant organist at many other churches in Leeds and York.


As an excellent sight-reader and experienced accompanist I enjoy collaborating with other musicians. Accompanying a number of choirs, and also at concerts, recitals and music examinations.

Together with soprano Martha Hayward, we perform both at weddings and recitals.

Choir Trainer

For many years I have been a chorister, and upon appointment as Organist at St Martin's, set up a choir which I now train. The choir meets every Wednesday evening at 7.00pm and new members are most welcome - please contact me directly if you are interested in joining.

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