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Lessons given by piano teacher Matthew Lazenby are held at the Yorkshire College of Music, Leeds

Piano lessons with Matthew Lazenby can be taken at a choice of two premises in Leeds, where teaching takes place either on a grand piano or an acoustic upright. Alternatively it may be possible to arrange lessons in your own home if you have a suitable piano.

Matthew Lazenby is a skilled and approachable piano teacher, whose friendly manner creates an atmosphere in which students can make the most of their learning experience.

Teaching Venue

St Martin’s Institute, St Martin's View, Leeds LS7 3LA

One of the venues where Matthew has a studio is the Yorkshire College of Music & Drama which is just a mile from the city centre opposite Leeds University, making it easily accessible by public transport or by car.  

Matthew Lazenby holds piano lessons at St Martin's Institute, Leeds

Yorkshire College of Music & Drama

St Mark's House, 1 St Mark's Avenue, Leeds LS2 9BN

In addition Matthew teaches piano at St Martin’s Institute in Leeds LS7, which is a Grade II listed building with excellent acoustics, and is associated with St Martin’s Church where Matthew is the Organist and Choir Trainer.


Matthew caters for all age groups in his piano teaching, tailoring lessons to children as young as 6 years old or to retired adults.  He also teaches all levels of player, from absolute beginners who have not previously learnt music or piano playing, to intermediate and advanced students.  Matthew is particularly keen to encourage adults who have had a break from learning the piano and are thinking of taking it up again.


Lessons with Matthew Lazenby are normally centred on learning classical piano, but popular music can be incorporated.  As students become more proficient, a wider choice of music opens up to them and Matthew will discuss individual preferences with each student in order to develop their particular interests.


Matthew is familiar with the ABRSM and Trinity Guildhall examination syllabuses and students who wish to do so are able to study for piano exams, although these are by no means compulsory.  

Lesson Schedules

Matthew Lazenby normally teaches during the day and early evening throughout the year, although students can choose to only have lessons during term-time if preferred.  For students who decide not to have weekly lessons during the school holidays, Matthew offers ad hoc lessons, particularly for students who are planning to take an exam in the forthcoming term so that he can advise them on how to improve their chosen pieces.


07854 079418

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